Thursday, August 18, 2011

Morning Cuddles

Dan went back to work today (after a two week break).
I love when fall semester starts. 
It means that cooler weather is on its way. 

Bono and I decided to sleep in a bit. 
We decided that we deserved it. 
Moving is hard work. 
I love waking up next to my boys. 
Bono loves when we get to sleep in without Dan.
He gets in extra cuddle time with me.
I wish I looked as cute as Bono Baby when I woke up.

Fritzi Marie


missy. said...

aw that is so cute! love cuddling up the puppies!

Marz said...

ohmigoodness!!! Bono is SOOOO adorable!!! :) Cutest pics ever. And you're right - you two definitely deserve to sleep in :)

Marty said...

I'm glad you THREE got to sleep in! Funny to think of it that way sometimes, huh? At least, it was for me way back when. Bono Baby is simply adorable. He looks so cute and cozy under those pretty blankets.

Rhianne said...

he looks adorable! And hurray for extra sleep, I plan on catching up on sleep this weekend :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

too cute. I wish I got to sleep in too and can not wait until I can tomorrow! this new job of mine is going to require massive amounts of caffeine and meditation. I'm waking up this morning super early so I can leave for work by 6 after not getting in from work last night until 9pm

Kristen said...

This makes me want a Bono too - he is so darn cute!

Rae said...

he is so precious. i love it when my husband leaves before me and puts the pugs in bed with me. it's so fun to relax in bed and cuddle the puppies.