Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Dear Friends,

I quit Diet Coke three days ago.
To quote my favorite line from Persuasion, "I feel like death".
The unpacking is at a stand still but I think things are looking up. 
You see, my friend Jennifer sent me a surprise package with this adorable onesie nestled inside. 
I love that the puppy on it looks like our sweet Bono Baby. 
Her thoughtfulness inspired me to unpack the goodies from my hope chest. 
I've been collecting goodies for a baby for years. 
We weren't necessarily planning on having children but I always figured we could give the pretties away if it didn't happen. 
Sometimes it is hard not to buy baby clothes. 
Does that make sense?
They are just too cute.

I hope you are having a lovely week. 

much love,
Fritzi Marie


kim said...

SO cute...your baby is going to be so chic:) love it.

grannybabs said...

Phoebe bought girl clothes - even though she had two boys - but she did get her girl. It is hard to resist baby things - they are inherently cute.

missy. said...

so cute! i love the onesie!

intrastructure said...

Yay! I'm glad it arrived =)

Anonymous said...

abosolutely precious. and you have my total support and confidence. you can draw from my willpower. woops sorry, i don't have very much He he! but you can do this. like my mom told me to do one time is to say that over and over but diff emphasis on each word. so here it is (i know, cheesy)

"I" can do this.
I CAN do this.
I can DO this.
I can do THIS!!!!!


Marty said...

I think it's wonderful that you've gotten things already for baby...even from years before. You sound like me! You have some adorable things already, I can see :) How fun!

Kristen said...

Hey love bug - are you going to find out what you are having? I know how hard it is not to buy me, right now, waiting to see if you are having a boy or a girl!!!

Rae said...

good luck with the diet coke! i used to drink 8 cans a day and it was horrible giving it up! a few months after i quit i decided to let myself have one as a special treat and it tasted terrible!

i have a little secret hope chest too with vintage baby clothes and books. i didn't even admit i was saving those things for a long time because i said i would never have children. but yes, baby clothes are so hard to resist!

Katyha said...

I haven't drunk coke for three or more years. It is good to give up this drink, once you taste after a long while not drinking it, it tastes quite disgusting.

Those baby shoes are too cute! I cannot walk a baby aisle without having having a look at all the cute clothes and how tiny they are. Did my kids really fit in that? haha. Enjoy this special time :)

Micaela said...

what a precious onsie and sooo baby kitty/dan! <3 i love your hope chest and that you started your collection way before your blessing.

p.s. when i become a momma-to-be like you-- i think that quote will sum up how i feel about quitting coffee.

xoxo love and hugs

Rhianne said...

oh my, good luck with the diet coke, we drink fr too much of t in our house!

that dog is beyond adorable, you baby is going to look amazing in it :)