Thursday, July 21, 2011

Striped Stockings and Swan Rides

Dearest Friends,

Happy Thursday, dearies. 
I hope you have been enjoying your week. 
I'm up to my ears in a big mess of packing over here. 
Good news is, we drove by our new house (our new favorite thing to do) and they are fixing it up super cute. 
I can't wait to move and get settled and relax. 
Our new front yard has a bird bath. 
I am looking forward to making pine cone bird feeders to hang from the trees.

I love this photo this precious little girl and her whimsical swan carriage. 
Lately I wish I had a swan to shuttle me around. 
I like to think of this photo when I get overwhelmed lately. 
It makes me feel better. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. These are on my wish list because they remind me of high school and I need them. 

1 comment:

missy. said...

i love the tights she is wearing. such a darling picture.