Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bono Baby Adventures

Happy Tuesday Wishes, Dear Friends.

This morning, our UPS driver dropped off Sophie la Giraffe for our new baby.
Bono Baby wants at it in a big way. 
I love love love when Bono sticks his tongue out. 
I think it is just about the cutest thing ever.
Our sweet Bono B. hurt himself over the weekend. 
He snagged one of his nails while nesting in a pile of blankies and broke it off at the quick. 
He was out of sorts and so so sad. 
We all were. 
Our amazing vet fixed him up proper and he is once again a happy puppy. 
All of the excitement over announcing the pregnancy is helping us get excited over the new adventure we are facing. 
We weren't expecting to have children so the news was a big surprise. 
I guess I always knew it might happen but still the news took me for a loop. 
Anyhow, thank you for helping us get excited. 
I can't wait to see Bono Baby cuddled up with the baby. 
The cuteness might just be too much for me. 
I am so in LOVE with our Bono Baby. 
I can't imagine what I will be like with a baby.  

love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. Sorry about the baby talk.  It's all so new.   


missy. said...

i'm sorry to hear about your little bono and his paw! i'm glad to hear they were able to fix him up good though.

talk about your baby all you'd like, this is your blog and it is a part of your life which is why we are here to read :)

xoxo missy.

Rhianne said...

ohhh nooooo, you're going to be posting photos of babies and puppies together and my hormones are going to get confused :) I was so sure I just wanted a puppy... not a baby... I think, haha.

I'm still so excited for you, I love hearing about it and I love little Bono's tongue too. I'm glad his paw is better, Harry (my parents dog) had a seed in his when he came to visit and he looked so sorry for himself... poor little thing.

MeeshOne.Love said...

i someway, somehow missed the new baby announcement...happy baby!!! this is very exciting! congratulations! xo.

Melissa said...

Congratulations on your baby news!! I'm so happy for you and Dan. I actually knew Dan during our college years. I found your blog through Craig & Maria's blog and I think you're darling. I'm so happy that Dan found such an amazing girl! And I'm so happy for you both! Congrats again!

Melissa Mickelsen :)

Kristen said...

NEVER apologize for baby talk! Mine are 8,6 and 3 and I still gush about them...

That is the cutest picture of Bono, glad to hear his mani gone wrong has been fixed!

A'n'G Johnson said...

oh my goodness you shouldn't ever apologize for the baby talk. it makes me so happy! please keep it coming!

Jello♥ said...

ohhhh Sophie!!!! i loved Sophie when i was a baby and now all our nieces and nephew (9 so far) adore her!

= )

felicia said...

I so want one of those Sophie Giraffes for Baby Woo, everyone raves about them!

Marty said...

Isn't it amazing how life turns out? Things we never really imagined happening...or never could've guessed. I never would have thought I'd "pop" out three little babies myself...aged 3, 2, and 1. So, I have my hands full :) But what a blessing they are.

Bono Baby is adorable, I can see why you love him so :)