Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberry Love

In about a month, I am going to turn 36 years old. 
Last year I made a list of goals to accomplish by my 35th birthday. 
I finished a lot of them but I forgot to make a new list for this year. 
So, I have a month but here is my list of to do's before my 36th birthday.

1.  Finish the projects I have going on.
2.  Don't go out to eat (because we are saving up for a trip to New Orleans in August). 
3.  Take Bono Baby on a date to his favorite park. 
4.  Eat a lot of big sticks and otter pops (because I deserve them).
5.  Make Dan my favorite dinner (mozzarella, basil, and tomato sandwiches).  

To be honest that is all I am going to do. 
My list is short but sweet this year and I think I am okay with that. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. Sometimes I still feel like that little girl in this polaroid. 
Really, I am still that sassy little girl who loves strawberries. 
Also, that photo makes me you see the beer can in the background?


Wan Family said...

You were a pretty little girl then and are still now. It sounds like your list is a good one.

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Haha, I love that picture!!! Sometimes a short and sweet list is the best kind of list. You accomplished so much on your big list last year, you should be so proud!! Yay New Orleans..I'll let you know when we have our exact dates!! <3

Kristen said...

Best.List.Ever - totally cross out able! Your picture is darling, you are so cute! The beer can is funny!

Megan said...

Gorgeous little girl!!! Noble and I both love the beer can. I'll make funeral potatoes for you if you make one of those sandwiches for me...

diane said...

my dear, your list is lovely and so are you!

new orleans is one of my favorite magical places to visit. my sweet love and i had an amazing adventure there six years ago. so excited that you're going!

lots of love to you as you approach thirty six! an excellent vintage if i do say so myself. ;)


p.s. the beer can makes me giggle too and sends me right back to the eighties.