Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Weekend Wishes

Dear Friends,

I'm thinking I need this bag for my adventure trips with my boys. 
I'm going to put it on my birthday wish list. 
Do you make a birthday wish list too? 
I love to make a list and nit pick at it until I figure out just what I want. 
Anyway, Happy Weekend Wishes Dear Friends. 
I hope your weekend is filled with adventure. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. The peach cobbler turned out amazing! 
Our winner for the Monday, Just Because You're Pretty care package giveaway is Lauren of Oh, Lauren.


Claire Nouveau said...

you so need that tote! i am a sucker for printed totes myself, they are so easy to pick up and go, plus so much nicer than using plastic bags! hope you have a happy weekend lovely!

Heather said...

I never make a birthday wish list. Sadly I'm not very fond of my own birthdays. But I am fond of others having a great birthday. So I hope yours is fabulous this year! Love and miss you Kat! -Heather

koralee said...

Happy weekend to you your birthday soon my friend? xoxox

skarletgrrl said...

I totally make birthday wish lists! I actually need to start thinking about mine too because it's next month! Happy weekend adventures!

Micaela said...

that bag is COMPLETELY you!!!!

hurray for birthdays! I believe in birthday weeks and wish lists because i love birthdays! a day to celebrate you and life. :)

yes, you need this bag stat ;)

congrats to the lucky winner!!!! xoxo

yourstrulydear said...

love the bag! i hope you get it for your birthday! its so perfect :)

Lauren said...

yay! i am emailing you right now!!