Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gloomy Bunnies


We've been a little down in our neck of the woods. 
I think it may be the gloomy weather.
I thought today was Friday until about 5 minutes ago. 
I was getting ready to announce our giveaway winner when Daniel informed me that I didn't know what day it was.
Good news is, now I can get excited about tomorrow being Friday and you have one more day to enter the giveaway.
I'm going to watch me some Gilmore Girls and start packing up my art room for the big move.
How are you doing?
I also have big plans to make a peach cobbler.
I wish I could invite you over for a chat and cobbler and sparkle water.
Wish me luck!

Fritzi Marie 


TheBlackPinafore said...


Anonymous said...

that's way too funny! You really believed it was friday for most of the day! the bright side is you get another friday tomorrow!
love u

Fritzi Marie said...

Annie Bannie Beep Beep,

That's right, your big sister is losing it. Seriously!

love you,

Anonymous said...

if it makes you feel any better, i've been doing the same exact thing! gilmore girls, cobbler and sparkling water -- count me in! sending you our rainbow. we just finished unloading groceries in the rain!

hugs and all my love - lindsey

heather b. said...

I do that all the time...think it's one day and it's not the day I think it is. Oh and I do love me some 'Gilmore Girls'. I absolutely L-O-V-E that show...I just finished watching all 7 seasons for the first time.

Happy Packing & Gilmore watching!!! :)

Marty said...

Some t.v. and a peach cobbler...that sounds great! :) We've been making a lot of strawberry shortcake around here lately. And we have our own packing to a few days we move 12 hours away to the Oregon coast.

Hope things look up and good luck with the packing!


Anonymous said...

So how is your second friday shaping up? You do know today IS friday, right?
You aren't losing it sister, you probably just have more important things to think about than what day of the week it is. Who says it can't be friday everyday. Just make sure its a good day!
l to the o-v-e