Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Boiled Peanuts, Fishing Poles, and Hushpuppies

Dan and I decided to have a "let's go anywhere" adventure for our Memorial Day festivities. 
Isn't this print by The Wheatfield beautiful?

Daniel looked up some attractions on Roadside America and off we went, to see a "large golden peanut" in Dothan, Alabama.

Dothan calls themselves, "the peanut capital of the world". 
I giggled when we pulled up to the peanut. 
It wasn't all that impressive. 

The adventure was in no way a bust. 
We drove through some beautiful towns and stopped for boiled peanuts. 
We also found a very special restaurant and have big plans to go there for my birthday.

The peanut fields are so beautiful. 

In other news, I went fishing for the very first time yesturday. 
Our friends invited us over to fish at their pond and have a fish fry. 
I caught four fish!
I ate one with hushpuppies and pickled okra on the side.
It was a magical night and I will never forget it. 
Dan almost caught an alligator. 
Have I mentioned that I LOVE summertime in Alabama?

Fritzi Marie


Rhianne said...

lol, I guess it depends, is it a real peanut? that would be an impressive peanut... if not then... its not that impressive :)

Kristen said...

Ha! That is one golden peanut! I love that sign, I feel like that some days, I don't care where we are headed, just as long as it's somewhere!!

The rains have finally stopped here - finishing planting my garden and excited for the warm weather (although you know it's not my favorite)

Deja said...

You're making me miss the South, Ms. Fritz. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

i agree with deja -- i'm very very homesick! my grandfather used to take me and my brothers fishing all the time. however, i put my fishing skills right up there with my camping skills! :) here's to summertime. i hope you are having a happy sweet wednesday. sending you love and hugs.

~xoxo - lindsey

Pretty Penny Mae said...

What a lovely little trip! We had the same kind of weekend and are going to do it again this Friday. I just love little day trips!
♡ Brooke

Lauren said...

What a cool trip! I like the peanut fields.

koralee said...

What a fun day...I would love to visit Alabama some day. Hugs. xoxo

Micaela said...

how cute are your boys?

i wanna spend the summer with you three!!!

also dearie, i'm blog-sitting today and well, i wanted you to see something...

xoxo ;)