Saturday, May 21, 2011

Treasure Hunt / Flea Market Finds

Dear Friends,

I've been flaky about sharing my treasures / flea market finds lately and I am sorry for that. 
This week we have done a lot of treasure hunting at yard sales, antique shops, and an auction. 
We found this book, The Three Little Kittens, that my Mommy read to "us" as children.
She read it to me yesterday while I was sewing.
I will never forget that.  

One of my favorite things to look for is vintage fabric and trimmings. 
I found some vintage feed sacks the other day and I am over the moon about them. 
I can't wait to make them into pretties.

This set of three shallow bowls just had to come home with me. 
I can't wait to eat cottage cheese out of them.

We also found two of these laminated strawberry place mats and a grey plastic egg dish. 
We have big plans to use both while camping and picnicking.

I love my new Priscilla Primrose Pyrex dish. 
I told Daniel that I would make casseroles from now on. 
And I have.

Our last little bit of treasure for this week is this adorable peter pan collared dress. 
It is precious and it had to come home with us. 
For now it is safely tucked away in my hope chest. 

I hope you are having fun, finding treasure, this yard sale season.
The hunt makes you love your treasure all the more.
I promise.  

Fritzi Marie


Chrissy said...

Those are some very sweet finds! Love it all! You really have an eye for great finds!
Happy weekend!
Hugs xxx

Micaela said...

i need a casserole dish... that is my must find on my next thrifting adventure, preferably one like yours! and that little dress?! my heart/womb ached.

dearie, can you post about your hope chest one day? i just know it's all so beautiful, all so you, and one day, baby-to-be.

Thank you for sharing your finds... these are my favourite.


Lea said...

love the pyrex, gorgeous design and the little dress is so sweet too. I enjoyed your finds:)

Max said...

I love the idea of being read a bedtime story as an adult; and by your mum too, lovely x

sue said...

Such great patterns on the fabric - lovely indeed! I look forward to seeing what you do with them ...

karlyn Jackson said...

Those feedsacks are the best I have ever seen, the yellow is divine. I can't wait to see what you create with them.

The Joyful Thrifter said...

I am in love with that Pyrex dish! Great find!!!

The Joyful Thrifter

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i hope you are back, lovely, i do like your quirky finds... the book your mama reread to you?... what a feeling, i can imagine.

grace said...

Those feed sacks are awesome!

Jackie K. said...

LOVE that pyrex pattern. I have two tiny ramekins in the same, hoping I run into more!!

Parsimonia said...

I'm totally coveting those bowls. I have a platter in the same pattern and hope to one day collect the set. So pretty!