Friday, May 13, 2011

The Moments

Dear Friends,

I've been missing my Daniel. 
He has been spending time with his family in Seattle and today he is driving to Spokane to give a reading. 
I'm crossing my fingers for him to do well. 
 I wish I could be there to cheer him on. 
I was missing him so much this morning so I looked through some of "our" family photo's. 
This one jumped out at me. 
We were picnicking at Waterworks park in Seattle. 
At the time it felt like our lives would never start but for that picnic together in the sunshine, everything was okay. 
It was one of those moments. 
I love the moments.

I've been having many "moments" this week while my parents have been visiting. 
We have been filling our days with spa like activities. 
Long walks, manicures and pedicures, yoga, new hair do's, swimming, and shopping.

I hope you have been having a great week. 
Even more so, I hope you have an amazing weekend. 
I've been missing you.  

Fritzi Marie 


Phoenix Peacock said...

Ms Fritz, I've been missing you to. What a glorious post for my reentry into blog reading! You and yours are too cute. So glad to hear you are having many happy moments. YOU deserve it!

heather said...

i like the way you are looking at daniel... it's warm and i can see it even through dark sunnies. hope you are together again very soon.

Anonymous said...

swimming...i'm more than jealous! i love that photo of you two. fingers crossed for his reading. and for more of those moments. hugs!!!

xo ~ lindsey