Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Weekend Wishes

My Sister-in-law, Katherine, gifted me this sprout kit a few years back.
I had it stored away in our shed until last week.
I finally felt settled enough to try it out.

Dad CJ and I have been patiently watching the seeds sprout and we were so excited when harvest time rolled around (four days later).

Sprouts make an afternoon sandwich that much better. 

I hope you all have big plans for this weekend. 
We have been busy treasure hunting. 
We're going to an auction tonight and have plans to take a mini road trip tomorrow. 

Here's to a magical weekend in your neck of the woods. 

Fritzi Marie


Anonymous said...

i LOVE sprouts and couldn't agree more, they tend to make a sandwich! no big plans here. walking to a favorite restaurant for an early birthday celebration. am hoping we aren't rained out! i miss you. here's to finding more treasure. have a blast on your mini road trip! happy friday wishes.

xoxo ~ lindsey

Jill said...

Yum! I love sprouts. How fun to grow your own!

Phoenix Peacock said...

every day I go out and whisper little love messages to my seedlings and I thank them for all they will offer me. So far most are still itty bitty babies, but I have lettuce that is finally ready for some transplanting and some harvesting