Monday, May 30, 2011

Lazybirds In The Moonlight

 The highlight of our weekend was going to Standard Deluxe in Waverly, Alabama to see Lazybirds

My favorite part of the show was when this golden retriever sat on stage and then conversed with the little hula hooping girl who were hooping to the music.
I think little girls who hula hoop are the cutest. 

I love evening time shows where the music takes you back in time. 
Take a listen to the Lazybirds here
I promise you will feel like you are hanging out with Brer Rabbit in Song of the South.
Little outings like this make my heart happy. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. Happy Memorial Day!
We are getting ready to take a impromptu mini adventure to an as of yet unknown destination. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Adventure

Happy Sunday Dear Friends. 

We took a little walk downtown this afternoon.
I love all the old buildings and this dry cleaners has a vintage coke machine.   

Daniel got a new suit. 
Doesn't he look dapper?

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday afternoon. 
We are going to make bruschetta with tomato and basil. 
I can't wait. 

Fritzi Marie

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Treasure Hunt / Flea Market Finds

We found lot of treasure this week. 
I'm excited about this cloche bell jar stand because there are so many things I can display in it. 
Today I am displaying my dear Auntie Alma's vintage sparkle bird broach.

This floral arranging frog is perfect for holding special photographs or post cards from friends.

I have big plans to store some of my vintage ric rac and seam binding collection in this pretty tin.

This Hallmark New Years drink recipe book is going to go in the shop.
I fell in love with the cute little pink elephant. 
She burps bubbles!

Found some more fabric and doilies for upcoming projects.

I plan to use these cheese plates as display cases for my mushroom bird collection. 
I love how they look on my kitchen table with two of my favorite doilies thrown in.

You have already been introduced to the vintage circus poster that Daniel bought me at the auction last weekend but I am so in LOVE with it that I had to share it with you again. 

Did you find anything this week?
I am always amazed to see what people get rid of. 

Happy Treasure Hunting.

Fritzi Marie

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ladybugs and Bumble Bee's

When Daniel was visiting Seattle, he visited our favorite chocolate factory (in his home town) Boehms
He returned to Alabama with my favorite little treats, a Boehms ladybug and bumble bee.

I've been saving them for a special occasion and this Memorial Day weekend seems like the right time.
I wish I could send you all a ladybug and bumble bee with best wishes for a fabulous weekend.

Fritzi Marie and Bono Baby

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome To My Inspiration Room

Dearest Friends,

The last room I am going to share from our little country cottage is my art room / guest room. 
It is my very favorite room in our little home.

It just recently started to come together and I love hiding away in there. 
It is where I blog, manage my shops, sew, create, write letters, make care packages, and a cozy spot for visiting friends and family.

It is my little hide away and I love to fill it with treasures that make me happy.

It houses my vintage treasures for the shop and my art supplies and sewing do dads.

Bettie inspires me daily to let my inner Fire Engine shine through.

I spend a lot of time looking around my room and thinking of all the amazing people who have made such an impact on my life. 
Each item has a story and a person attached to it. 
That inspires me so.

Today I plan on spending my day making sock monkeys and cutting out patterns for a special project I am working on in my little room.
Bono Baby loves to spend his afternoons in here, lounging in the sunshine.
We keep eachother company.

I made these bulliten boards from vintage frames that I picked up at a yard sale in California. 
I love how they turned out. 

Our guest bed is pretty simple and is usually covered with projects. 
I cleaned it off for your visit. 

Dan bought this vintage circus poster for me last weekend at The Possum Trot auction. 
I am in love love love with it. 

Thank you for visiting and thank you for inspiring me so. 
I adore you.

Fritzi Marie

p.s. You can visit our living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and Dan's office too. 
We love visitors. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alabama Monkeys

Dearest Friends,

I just finished my first commissioned sock monkey.
He's a sheriff! 
I am getting ready to make 4 more for the shop. 
I'm selling them for $20 to friends and blog readers and $25 in the shop.
The shipping is $6.   
Let me know if you are interested.
 I would love to customize one for you. 

In other news, a couple of our favorite local Alabama bands (The Civil Wars and Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil) are playing a show to benefit victims of the tornados and they will be streaming it live for $10.  All proceeds will go towards tornado relief. 
For information on watching the show live go here.

Fritzi Marie

Summertime Preparations

My dear parents left in the wee small hours of the morning and I miss them already. 
I decided to take the day off and I made preparations for it. 
My sister and I loved the movie SHAG when we were in high school.
Netflix just so happened to deliver it in time for my special day off. 
It always makes me excited for summertime in the South. 

The UPS man delivered my summertime reads today too. 
I have big plans to sit by the pool a few mornings a week and read.
I need to take advantage of that silly pool before we move. 

Here's to taking a day off and re-grouping. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. My only "official" task for today: to find a new swimsuit.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Treasure Hunt / Flea Market Finds

Dear Friends,

I've been flaky about sharing my treasures / flea market finds lately and I am sorry for that. 
This week we have done a lot of treasure hunting at yard sales, antique shops, and an auction. 
We found this book, The Three Little Kittens, that my Mommy read to "us" as children.
She read it to me yesterday while I was sewing.
I will never forget that.  

One of my favorite things to look for is vintage fabric and trimmings. 
I found some vintage feed sacks the other day and I am over the moon about them. 
I can't wait to make them into pretties.

This set of three shallow bowls just had to come home with me. 
I can't wait to eat cottage cheese out of them.

We also found two of these laminated strawberry place mats and a grey plastic egg dish. 
We have big plans to use both while camping and picnicking.

I love my new Priscilla Primrose Pyrex dish. 
I told Daniel that I would make casseroles from now on. 
And I have.

Our last little bit of treasure for this week is this adorable peter pan collared dress. 
It is precious and it had to come home with us. 
For now it is safely tucked away in my hope chest. 

I hope you are having fun, finding treasure, this yard sale season.
The hunt makes you love your treasure all the more.
I promise.  

Fritzi Marie

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Weekend Wishes

My Sister-in-law, Katherine, gifted me this sprout kit a few years back.
I had it stored away in our shed until last week.
I finally felt settled enough to try it out.

Dad CJ and I have been patiently watching the seeds sprout and we were so excited when harvest time rolled around (four days later).

Sprouts make an afternoon sandwich that much better. 

I hope you all have big plans for this weekend. 
We have been busy treasure hunting. 
We're going to an auction tonight and have plans to take a mini road trip tomorrow. 

Here's to a magical weekend in your neck of the woods. 

Fritzi Marie

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pillow Talk

I finally made throw pillows for our couch. 
I am in LOVE with them. 

I used vintage fabric that I found at thrift stores and yard sales. 
My dear friend Amanda just returned from her first adventure trip to Europe (you can read all about it here).
She sent me some amazing treasure that I will share with you next week.
She gifted me this wood tongue-depressor-like bookmark that is now a permanent addition in my sewing cabinet. 
It makes perfect pillow corners.

I am in love with our new pillows. 
Up next, curtains made from vintage sheets. 

Happy Thursday Dear Friends.

Fritzi Marie

p.s. My Daniel is home. 
I am happy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daniels Office Show And Tell

Dear Friends,

We are getting closer to moving time (July) and I still have a few rooms to share with you from our little country cottage. 
Most of you know that Dan teaches English at Auburn University and writes poetry so his office is full of books. 
We found this chair (which we hope to reupholster soon) at a thrift store. 
His leather briefcase was a yard sale find.  

This telephone lamp was his Grandfather's and it rests on the desk that his father made him.
The owl portrait was a Mississippi yard sale find.
The little birdie was a going away gift from our friends Suzanne and Neil in Mississippi.

This radio was found at a yard sale in Washington and The Black Apple print was a birthday gift from our dear friend Marjorie.

Dan loves to surround himself with books.
I love that about him, but it makes me grumpy when we move.

This is his workspace. 
It's boring to look at but there is a lot of sentiment in this photo. 
The Formica table was my best friend Karyn's grandfather's.
The file cabinet was my Daddy's. 
It has locks on it because my Daddy used to hide treats in the top drawer.
He called us his crumb snatchers.

My sister Buffy gave Dan this frame and he keeps an old Polaroid of me (from when we first met) in it.

I love that my husband has a cozy little nook to hide away in. 

Next week I hope to share my art room / guest room. 
You can see the rest of our home here, here, and here.

I am off to pick up my Daniel from the airport in Atlanta.
I can't wait to see him. 

Fritzi Marie

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pirates And Cowboys Melt My Heart


I've been busy making sock monkeys for some special "boys" in my world. 

One is a pirate and the other is a cowboy. 
I love how they take on their own personalities.

I also love love love their cute little bums. 

These two little cuties are already taken but I was thinking I might list a couple Fritzi Marie sock monkey's in my shop very soon. 
They will be my very first attempt at selling my handmade treasures.

I'm going to have a hard time sending them out to California tomorrow. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. Both shops are being updated daily. 
Check them out here and here
Also, my Daniel is coming home tomorrow (I can't wait!) so I have big plans to be sneaky and photograph his office to share with you.