Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Adventures

Dear Friends,

This little love note on our living room window made me so happy this weekend. 
It's the little things. 
How was your weekend? 
Did you do anything fun?

Here's our weekend lowdown:
We went to an auction, a movie, some yard sales, and to the mall in Georgia (the one here sucks). 
We had one of those water tube massages for the first was fabulous. 
We blew a tire. 
We took a break from our diet and had a pizza. 
We received some bad news and some good news.
And I took the longest nap ever on Sunday afternoon.  

I hope you had a lovely weekend too.  

Fritzi Marie 


Kristen said...

Like to all of that except the bad news. I especially like the long Sunday nap - those are the best!

Jill said...

I was just thinking about how the mall here sucks today. My birthday's coming up and I think my in-laws want to send me a gift card but I don't know what store to tell them: JC Penney or Sears. :P Haha.
I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend. Sunday naps are my fave!

Laura Bear said...

Sounds like such a nice weekend and I love this picture!! :)

Chrissy said...

What a nice weekend! And what a sweet note on your window!!! How thoughtful! Have a wonderful week!
Hugs xxx

Summer Athena said...

it is the little things.

not happy about your bad news but i hope it sorts itself out soon.

Micaela said...

it is ALL about the little things... that little note makes me swoon!!! and so does taking a break from diets to enjoy pizza!

and naps-- we have the same love for them, the longer the better!!!!

kisses to you sweet girl x

ps. i work sunday mornings and husband works all weekend so i'm looking forward to a day off on wens. to play!

Sam said...

Goodness me! How did you fit all that in? That sound like my year!!! :0) It's sounds fun though - especially the napping part!