Saturday, April 23, 2011

Preparations For The Hunt

Happy Easter Little Bunnies.
This photo of Bono B. is one of my favorite Easter photo's. 
You can see a few of my other favorite photo's from Easters' past here, here, and here
I hope your special day is full of love and magic. 
We're planning a mini picnic and egg hunt. 
I wish we could talk Bono into hiding the eggs. 
That would make the hunt a little bit easier. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. Thank you so very much for all of the Anniversary love.  We are so thankful to have so many amazing friends in our little world. 


Chrissy said...

Oh,how cute he is!
Happy Easter to the three of you!!
Hugs xxx

Alycia ( said...

oh my gosh what a cute little easter egg hunter!

Laura Bear said...

hehe so cute! Happy Easter!

lindsey said...

sending you hugs and happy easter wishes! can you believe it was snowing here yesterday? but today was gorgeous. i don't even want to guess what tomorrow will bring! bono baby definitely rules the roost. love love love that photo. here's to picnics and egg hunts.


Micaela said...

oh my goodness, just when i thought i had already seen the cutest photo of baby b, there's this one... ADORABLE! i love your easter festiveness :)

Bri said...

awww, he's so cute! and i love the easter basket.

Anonymous said...

i sware (I know I'm not supposed to) but that kid, I mean Bono, is a real professional. I really think he was a movie star in another life.