Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hop To It And Be Inspired

Dear Friends, 
Our friend Jill of Jillustrated has been running with the National Poetry Month giveaway idea. 
She has been sending in beautiful entries. 
Lindsey and I have decided to give the giveaway another week so you all have time to get out there and celebrate National Poetry Month and send in your photos. 
So hop to it...Bono B. will pick a winner next Thursday, April 21st. 

Let's Celebrate Poetry!

Fritzi Marie

See Camila's fabulous entry here


Jane said...

I really love this contest and am so happy that you've extended it a week! I've been in charge of shopping and organizing 72 hour kits for a hundred people this week (we're assembling them tonight-- phew!) so I've been way busy, but I'll hop to it tomorrow!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This is really great. I am new to your blog. Really like it!!

Jello♥ said...

as a newby to this blog, i have to say... i like it! so much so, i have mentioned this post on my blog today... just sharing the love!

lindsey said...

in love with the anne campbell poem. jill is amazing! have a fabulous weekend my dear. sending you all kinds of friday hugs and love! tomorrow we will be in hot dog heaven!!!


nesha said...

I love the 'good timber' note on the tree!

Unknown said...

Thats my birthday!!!! <3

Jill said...

Thanks for sharing some of my humble attempts. I truly do think your idea is fabulous and am looking forward to seeing some other entries.
P.S. That's my birthday too. :)