Monday, April 04, 2011

Head Above Water

Last year Dan and I met these polar bears at Port Defiance Zoo in Washington. 
I've been thinking about them this morning. 
Some days do you feel like you are just keeping your head above water?
I love those busy days because after I check off all of my to do's on my list,

I get to chill like a Sea Otter (my favorite animal besides Bono B.) with my Daniel. 
How lovely the Sea Otter moments are.

Happy Monday Wishes Dear Friends.

love love,
Fritzi Marie


A'n'G Johnson said...

you need to watch this

Micaela said...

just adorable!!! i can't wait to feel like a sea otter... i feel underwater as of late. :( so your winning announcement made my ENTIRE WEEK!!!!

love love love to you and baby bono xoxoxo

lindsey said...

in LOVE with photo number one! it made my day. and here's to more of those sea otter moments! love you.


Kitty said...

Dearest Phoenix,

I adore that video. Dan sent it to me a while back and we fell in love with it. Dan took me to the Seattle Aquarium on one of our first dates and I "offically" fell in LOVE with sea otters while there. They are just the cutest. I will always think of them when I reminense about when Dan and I fell in love.


Marsinah {mar-see-na} said...

I LOVE sea otters!!!!

mandyface said...

these pics are cute shtuff!! now i have a zoo craving..