Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kitchen/Dining Room Tour

Dear Friends,
Good Morning and thank you for coming over to see our little kitchen/dining room.

To be honest, it isn't all that special, so I think I'll show you the little details that make us happy.

This is our little telephone table that we picked up at a local auction.
Bono loves to congregate there since we usually keep his toy box stored underneath it.

This paining of Bono B. was a raffle win. 
We adore it.

We purchased this Zingy sign at an auction as well. 
(Zingy means: strikingly attractive or appealing)
So we thought it would be perfect for Bono's wall since he is so strikingly attractive and appealing.

This is his little spot under his Zingy sign. 
He likes to chit chat with his friends while he eats. 

My parents gave me this little plant when we moved in. 
I can't believe it is still alive. 

My favorite number is 11 and Dan's is 22.

Our dining room table and chairs were my Grandmother and Grandfather Holling's. 
My Daddy grew up eating at this table and I did too.

We love to collect cheezy magnets when we go on road trips.

Our very first road trip was from Southern California to Seattle, Washington and back. 
It was a magical time.
We found this gnome in Northern California and one of our little friends named it Beautiful. 
He watches over us. 

My favorite thing about our kitchen is our dishes and glasswear. 
I'm hoping to have open shelving one day so I can showcase them. 
I'll share our collection when we invite you all over to our next home. 

Happy Thursday Dearies. 
Thank you for stoping by. 
I adore you.

Fritzi Marie

p.s. Please come by next week (Wednesday) so I can share my art room/guest room with you.


Kristen said...

I love all your little photos for Bono baby to look at while he eats. That is just fun. Dan and I pick up travel magnets or patches when we travel, I sew them to my Study Abroad bag. Such a fun and inexpensive way besides photos to bring memories home!

intrastructure said...

I LOVE your spot. You two are just adorable.

Amylou said...

I love the rustic look of your dining table!
That telephone table! WOW! Love it!

Micaela said...

your house is my ABSOLUTE favorite!!! oh that dining room table... and best of all, the memories and history it has.

love love love!

OF COURSE i'm smitten with baby bono's wall! ha! look there's stella and maverick, my two girls who want to be his gf ;) adorable!!!

you are ZINGY!! xo

Chrissy said...

Oh, I love every little detail about it!!! Wonderful!! And Bono's place is very special!! xxx

diane said...

oh, these pictures are fantastic!

i love getting a glimpse of your beautiful space.

the first picture made me realize that we are both "K + D" pairs. :D

Stitchybritt said...

I love Bono's little dining area. We're thinking of doing the same for our Snork Maiden.

Anonymous said...