Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bedroom Tour

Dear Friends,

I had to start off our bedroom tour with this photo of Bono Baby winking. 
Our bedroom is a work in progress. 
We're hoping to give it a make over when we move. 
The quilt was a gift from my parents for my 25th birthday. 
The other side of it is way prettier. 

The Ashley G. prints were gifts from me to Daniel. 
Our wedding photo is in the red frame that used to hold a baby photo of me that hung in my Grandma and Grandpa McLard's bedroom. 
The other photo is of me with my Mommy at Disneyland. (I think it was my first visit)

Our nightstands were my Grandparents and later my parents. 
Our first Butch Anthony painting rests on the right night stand. 
The mini vintage dress form will be for sale in my shop soon. 
I love to use it to hold my jewelry at the end of the day. 

The bookshelf was my Grandfather Holling's. 
For now it holds my photo albums, journals, and random books. 
I promiss we will have better bookshelf sightings when I share Dan's office.
The printers press drawer was the first thing Dan and I bought as a married couple. 
It is drawer #22 (the day we got married). 

Daniels Dad made him this dresser. 
He is so talented. 

I gave Daniel the critter prints from Berkley Illustration for a graduation gift or maybe a Father's Day gift. 
We named them after Dan's favorite poets. 

My favorite thing in our bedroom is this precious photo of Bono B. as a puppy. 
I love his cute little pink nose. 

Here's to a happy home!
Stop by next Wednesday to see our kitchen and dining room.

love love,
Fritzi Marie


Jello♥ said...

ah... what a cute bedroom you have... nothing like ours!!!


Deja said...

So super cute! Nice work.

lindsey said...

*swooning* -- over everything (including the wink)!!!


Micaela said...

I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR HOUSE!!! it's the house of my dreams... everything is so perfect.

like the bookshelf that was your grandpa's? everything is so full of memories and love... like your husband's talented dad making the dresser. Even your choice of art... beautiful and so you!

i was going to tell you that i noticed that photo of baby bono STRAIGHT AWAY! i'm so glad you did a close up-- i'm loving that pink nose!!!

i can't wait to see the rest dearest friend.

ps. never have i seen a prettier bride than you!

Rhianne said...

Oh I love everything. Our bedroom (well house, haha) is a complete mess and not really very photogenic but I kind of love it that way :)

loveeeee the little pink nose and the wink!!

Amy @ AGirlCalledBeloved said...

Love your style!
That baby photo of your pup is precious!