Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Puppy Kisses To You

Dear Friends,

We've been busy playing with our new camera and house hunting. 
Bono Baby is sick of us taking pictures of him but he sure is a good sport about it.
He is a little under the weather tonight (he had many many shots while visiting the vet today) but he still perked up a bit to pick a winner for the We Love Colors giveaway.
He likes to be the one who pushes the generate button on
He picked Eloise of Eloise in NY.
Eloise, we'll be emailing you shortly. 

hugs and puppy kisses too,

Fritzi and Bono Baby


Kristen said...

House hunting? Did someone say my favorite phrase besides "Iced mocha skim milk no whip?" I think so!

FUN FUN FUN! Enjoy every minute - so exciting!

Marz said...

Good luck and congratulations on the house hunting!!! :) Hope little Bono Baby feels better soon! Such precious, adorable photos of your baby. I wish he could meet my Logan for play dates :)
And Congrats to Eloise!!!

Eloise In NY said...

thank you millions :)

lindsey said...

that first picture of bono baby melts my heart! i hope he's feeling better today. and congrats to eloise - another new yorker!!!


Wan Family said...

Does this mean you're staying in Alabama permanently?

Kitty said...


We're hunting for another house to rent. Let me tell you, dear Laura, rental house hunting in Alabama sucks. We found the most amazing fluke of a rental and we fell in LOVE with it. Someone beat us to it by a few hours. We have been so heartbroken about it. Everything else we have looked at has been a big disappointment. We found one to settle on though, I think. We're hoping to only be here for one more year.

hugs to you and those sweet babies,