Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poetry Thursday

Alabama Kitty

New York Lindsey

Following the Day

I feel sad for him,
that dead German shepherd
on the right shoulder
next to a driveway
on 97, south of Okanogan.
Its people, gone, perhaps think
that he's happy,
running through orchards that wall in
their house, this road.
These trees fade to fields
of wheat cropped short
like a crew cut and yellow
as summer.  I drove this road
to see where it went.  A hamburger
in Wilbur, Vanilla Coke in Omak.
All in the rearview now
with that shepherd, apple trees, yellow
wheat.  Grand Coulee, Spokane
miles away. 
Over the speakers, Milo Aukerman
sings everything's going to be okay

Dan Morris
(Poetry inspired photography based upon Dan's chapbook, Following the Day)

p.s. Tomorrow is the first day of National Poetry Month. 


sara said...

hurray for poetry! i try to read The Writer's Almanac often and I enjoy Poetry Thursdays here :)

lindsey said...

believe it or not, we almost had identical photos! your view turned out way cooler. this also made me crave sonic's vanilla coke with real cherries! unfortunately, we have no sonic. my favorite line - wheat cropped short like a crew cut.