Thursday, March 17, 2011

Poetry Thursday

Alabama Kitty

New York Lindsey

Waking at Evening
Because everywhere now there is
snow, my dim studio apartment squeezes in the last
bits of dusky daylight and glows. My dream has faded and my
winning of the 2nd and 3rd places in a spelling bee
at the age of 30 is laughable. Because of this
hour and the current conditions it's slow on i-90.
Beyond that and the train tracks, the twin steeples
of the cathedral blaze through the haze like -
and i would like to think that the bells in the belfries
are warm. The snow keeps coming; something it's resisted
from the start of this season, but now, like a kid at his first
confessional, it all comes out and that is the most joy.

 Dan Morris

(Poetry inspired photography based on Dan's chapbook, Following The Day).

1 comment:

lindsey said...

this poem is one of my favorites. the spelling bee reference made me laugh as i came SO close to winning back in 6th grade! ironically, most of our snow has melted so i settled for the cathedral spires. i can tell you have a new camera. what a gorgeous shot you took. is it okay to admit being very jealous? much love and hugs sent.