Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poetry Thursday

Alabama Kitty
(California view)
New York Lindsey

Hiking the South Wah Wahs, UT

This week of desert trudging, dialogue
connected the two of us like brothers.
This was our job: tending delinquents
in the wilderness: shepherds for the state.
Final hike of the week, the other staff lead
up front, so we hung in the rear...

We had lost them while lost in talk
in the grove of junipers, more than two miles
back. The plan: hike the jeep track around
the ridges, then up to the draw.
Now, alone, with no one
looking to us for guidance, we turned
north over the ridges. Junipers, sage and rabbit
brush patched the ground where Anasazi
and Paiute littered this landscape
with obsidian shards and shattered pots.

On top of the third ridge, in the midst of a silent
pause, directly west of us while the sun
rested on the horizon, three mustangs
bolted along the ridge.

Dan Morris

(Poetry inspired photography based on Dan's chapbook, Following The Day).


lindsey said...

as usual, you blow me away with your choice of photos! welcome home beautiful friend. you were missed. happy thursday!!!


Chrissy said...