Monday, March 21, 2011

Forever Newlyweds

Five years ago, Dan and I were taking our engagement photos.
I've been thinking back to that time of our lives today.
It was magical but oh so stressful.
I would have done almost everything differently.
But there is one thing that I would not have done differently. 

I am looking forward to our wedding anniversary next month. 
I've heard that once you hit the 5 year mark, you are no longer newlyweds.
I hope to always feel like a newlywed. 

Happy Monday Wishes Dear Friends.


felicia said...

awww *swoon*

Unknown said...

Kitty, you will always be a newlywed!!

Chrissy said...

Aww, what a lovely photo of you both!
Hope all is well and you are back in the swing of things!
Really missed you dear!
Hugs xxx

Marz said...

Such a beautiful engagement photo :) Everytime I read a post where you mention Daniel's name or see photos of you two I see how evident the love you have for each other and the strong bond you guys share is. Like wearing matching socks and tights :) I love that! Keep little sweet secrets like that and you'll always feel like newlyweds!

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Dear Kat,
that is such a beautiful photo of you and Daniel. I think you two will always be newlyweds. :)
Love you!

yourstrulydear said...

aww, i love that picture! from the way you write, i can tell you guys are going to feel like newlyweds forever :)

lindsey said...

here's to celebrating you two. believe it or not, mark and i never had engagement photos taken (back during the 1800's!!!). your photo is gorgeous. love you.


Kristen said...

I won't say anything but I know that face of yours....your wedding was lovely...the reception was just so sweet and magical. But the best part has been seeing you through the newlywed years and how much you and Dan are truly meant for each other. I love that we were miserable singles together for awhile and then we both found our perfect Dans!!

Micaela said...


you two are just darling xoxo

Wan Family said...

Kat I think "newlywed" is a state of mind and I think the way you and Dan approach life together is perfect for maintaining that. I love that you guys love each other.

Eloise In NY said...

yay for anniversary's ! we are going on your 3rd of may. I just love seeing each and every year how we grow in our relationship. I wish you the same, a long, wonderful happy marriage :) Hope you get to get out and celebrate!