Sunday, March 27, 2011

Doo Nanny Burn

We are relaxing after our fun times at the Doo Nanny this weekend.

While there we talked with some very talented artists.
John Henry Toney tells amazing stories and he has beautiful skin.
(I know that sounds wierd but really he does.)

We watched movies.

We listened to a pretty lady yodel from the treetops.

Dan ate a Doowie Dog.

We watched a lovely couple re-new their vows at the little Doo Nanny chapel. 

We listened to great music and discovered two great new (to us) bands: Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil and Mad Tea Party.

We made wishes.

Bono Baby came down for the "burn". 

It was a magical weekend.

We wish you could have been with us.  

love love,
Fritzi Marie 


Mrs Woo said...

looks and sounds wonderful!!!! i wish i could have come along! one day we simply must do something fabulous together!

love & love x

Amylou said...

That looks so different and fun! I love the little chapel and when is a bonfire not fun? How cute that your pup went with you!