Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Butch Anthony Giveaway

Our friend Butch Anthony was featured on Etsy today.
We are so thrilled for him.

He was also featured on American Pickers last night. 
If you watch real close, you can see Daniel and me in the back corner of the Possum Trot (wearing black). 
Our very first (and probably only) time being on the television.

Butch wanted to share the love with you so we picked out this original painting just for you.
We plucked it right off the walls of his Museum of Wonder
To win, visit his new Etsy shop and be a follower of Fritzi Marie.
Just for kicks, tell us what your favorite piece of "junk" is too.  

Bono Baby will pick the winner next Friday, April 1st.   


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

I love all of the altered dog portraits. They are beautiful!

Pretty Penny Mae said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I just love the portraits & sculptures! I follow your blog!

Jill said...

Butch's stuff is so interesting. I saw a piece on him the New York Times a year or so ago and have wanted to make it down to the Possum Trot auction and the Museum of Wonder ever since. I guess I just need to do it! I am partial to his "Pot Head" pieces. Can't wait to see you on Pickers. :D
xo, Jill

Kelly said...

I like the skeletonized Lady with Shawl. (kellypster_at_gmail.com)

Mel said...

I love your site and your Etsy shop and I think that your Bono Baby is absolutly adorable!!!!
My favorite piece(s) of "junk" is the pot heads and the shingle masks but I also love the Posters.

lindsey said...

i'm loving his photobooth lady! mark and i finally watched the episode last night. you guys looked great! am wondering if you bid on those live chickens?!!! i hope you are having a fun week. sending you much love and hugs as i sit here and watch it snow. i thought it was supposed to be spring!


Unknown said...

OHhhhhhh I *LOVE* The Cavalier King Charles Puppy portrait!!!
I Love Butch :)

Summer Athena said...

Butch Anthony. That was my Daddy. They called him Butch and his middle name was Anthony. Heaven just spoke to me through you. xoxo

ps - i have not forgotten to send your gift, i just need to find it!

Megan said...

Butch Anthony is just a cool name.
I really enjoy the "love birds." Noble and I are old-fashioned in many ways, and I love the old photos Mr. Anthony uses. =)

Eloise In NY said...

oh! this is beautiful!! I love seeing new etsy shops. The artwork is very cool there, I like the Terrier Portrait the best for sure


Micaela said...

dearest fritz,

i remembered when you first featured him, i fell in love then! how simple and perfect and powerful are his work! you know i LOVEEEE the "love birds" one, of course you knew that! :) oh i shall prayer 100 prayers that i should be so lucky to win this one. i cant remember wanting to win something so bad! i'm such a fan of art (thanks to my artistic father!) and esp. one that has a touch of vintage and so original!

i favorited his shop right away and my fave one would have to be the terrier portrait! ha! i love it!!!!

i will forever be a friend and follower of your sweet blog. it's like a second home to me.

love you!

and Butch, thanks for the chance!

Olive Green Anna said...

oh my goosenest this guy is amazing!

I love the Photobooth Lady.

thank you Fritzi Marie. your blog is great too!


Sam said...

What a fascinating figure! I love all the Doo Nanny posters. And the Pot Heads...

Unknown said...

I love this love birds picture!!! I think my fave on butch's etsy shop is silly bird and the butterfly on the science book... <3

Jj said...

The cigar box fix is my fav. I love the creativity of all the art though.

Carrie said...

My favorite pieces of WONDERful junk are the Clark Balloon and the Wood Bird!! FUN!! xoxo

ADW said...

I want to be put in the drawing for the Love Birds art! :) I visited his Etsy shop and like the mermaid girl and the Clark Gable piece :) By the way, I got a job! Its a miracle ;) Thanks for all your love and encouragement. You know you mean so much to me and enjoy your blog :) Oh yea, I called you late t he other night by mistake. oops! I accidently hit a button - go figure. But have a GREAT FRIDAY Miss thang.


ADW said...

PS. I also like anything to do with fish so I like the Cigar box fish and folk art fishy. I also thought the flower lady one was nice.