Monday, February 07, 2011


My friend Diane from The Dew Drop Inn has a New Years tradition where she writes words on little slips of paper and puts them in a grab bag.  She then hands them out.
I love this tradition, to me it is like she is handing out wishes or fortune cookie slips. 
At first I was disappointed with my word, SPACE.
But then it grew on me. 
My home is my SPACE and I love being here. 
I think it is so very important to have a happy home and this word reminded me of how grateful I am for my SPACE. 
I also decided that it is okay to ask for some space. 
It is okay to put yourself first and take time to re-group and re-focus your life so you can be a better wife, daughter, friend, sister, and auntie. 
My word for the year means so much to me and I am taking it to heart. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. I have Daniel's horrible horrible flu and I feel like death. 


Chrissy said...

I like the word! Kind of fits perfectly to my post from this morning!
Oh no, dear, get better soon! It's horrible being sick...get some rest...drink a lot and eat some of your fabulous chicken soup you made for Daniel!
Love ya! xxx

Kristen said...

I'm so sorry you are sick. I like the word space. Like "Get OUT of my space, I need some space, my space with an iced mocha makes me happy, you are a space cadet."

The options are endless. This post might be funnier to you if you are on cold medication. Get well soon!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohh hun I'm sorry your sick!! Tea with lime and honey!! Feel better!! I'm grateful and loving my new lil space. It feels like home! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Marz said...

At first glance space has a negative meaning to me as well. I automatically think of hurt feelings being told a person needs their space. But space has so many possibilites like you pointed out. I love that you have embraced it and what it means to you! Feel better soon darling! I feel a little scratch in my throat and am crossing my fingers it doesn't get worse :( xo

diane said...

my dear sweet fritzi marie,

i loved reading about your journey with the word 'space' so far!

when i pulled it out of the bag for you, i had an instant reaction that it didn't fit and that i wanted to choose a different word for you.

then i had a chat with myself and i came to the conclusion that i shouldn't mess with magic.

so i embraced it, sent it to you, and hoped that it would make sense to you in some special way.

when i wrote the word, i was thinking of outer space...stars, sun, moon, flight, expansive ideas, and endless possibilities.

now i also envision the beautiful imagery you have found...the space of a home and the space you can hold for yourself. so lovely and so true.

you are made of stardust!



p.s. sending you a bazillion get well wishes!

lindsey said...

i love diane's tradition. even more i adore what she wrote - you are made of stardust! feel better beautiful friend. i miss you. sending you tons of virtual chicken soup and hot tea. and here's to your magical word manifesting itself this year!


Summer Athena said...

first of all, feel better. feeling that bad is not only pure misery but depressing.

space is a lovely word when you really think about it and i like how it made you really take time to see what it meant to you.

Eloise In NY said...

Great way to make that word into what you did. Thank goodness to have your own space :) Hope you feel better too, I'm luck to have had that flu shot this year. All my best

Unknown said...

Space. Hm. That would defintally make me keep guessing. I think its lovelythat she does such a thing. Who would have thought tha a smple word could brighten your day. I hope you are feeling better, and I am your newewst follower!

Unknown said...

this was an adorable post :)
New follower!