Monday, December 13, 2010

Winners, Nappy Naps and Favorite Things

Bono Baby has been spending most of his time napping, avoiding the cold weather outside. 
He did get up long enough to pick some winners for the Matou En Peluche giveaway.
We hope you have been enjoying these "favorite things of 2010 giveaways". 
We have been having so much fun with them.

The winners are...
Chrissy of Chrissy in America,
Jill of Jillustrated.

Congratulations dear friends. 
We are so happy for you.
Please visit Sam's shop Matou En Peluche and pick out your favorite small print. 

Happy Monday Dear Friends. 

love love,
Fritzi and Bono B. 


mandy said...

Oh silly me! you already picked them ;)

Jill said...

Hooray! I won! I won! I had a good feeling about today so this just goes to show that a girl should always trust her intuition. ;) Thanks so much, friend! I want to show my husband the art too and I'll let you know when I decide for sure which one I'd like. Hugs!

Lauren said...

Congrats, winners!

Chrissy said...

Wow, wow, happy! Yay!!

Well, I know I said a different one first, but now that I actually won (which I never would have thought, so thanks Bono Baby for sniffing my name!!) I would go with the Art Deco Millie print! Double yay!
Thanks so much! This was definitely a tough decision!

Did you see, I tagged you? Hope you're up for it...if biggie!

Love xxx

Micaela said...

CONGRATS to all the winners!

don't you both look so pretty? i loooove bono baby! and i am loving your hat and button coat sweetest girl.


Rhianne said...

eeee, so excited!! Shall I email you? Can I change my choice? I'm so demanding right?

you look so pretty in that pic, your smile is lovely :)