Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I Know Something You Don't Know...

Happy December 1st Dear Friends.
This is it, Christmas time is here.
The glittery wreaths are up outside and this one that my Mommy and I made on a whim a few weeks ago is proudly hanging in our cozy little dollhouse.
Bono Baby is going to pick out our tree tonight.
But first we are going to the Chrismas parade in our little town.
Bono has big plans to wear his Christmas sweater that he got from Santa last year. 
I can't get my Daddy's voice out of my head.
He is either humming or singing, "I know something you don't know..."
Secrets, hidden presents, treats, oh, I am beyond excited.
Wish it in properly friends, get yourself a treat today.
You deserve it.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. Today is Pay It Forward Day.
Make someone feel special.


Laura Bear said...

that wreath is so pretty! well done!

Summer Athena said...

I miss my Daddy's voice. I do. I do.

The wreath is lovely! Just perfect.

Pay It Forward Day, huh? Good times!

Chrissy said...

What a beautiful wreath! It os gorgeous!
Have a wonderful time!!

Lauren dale said...

yay for festive blogging!
love your blog! bono is a babe!

Keeping up with Kristy!!! said...

Love the wreath, you guys did a amazing job, Im a new blogger and would love it if we follow each other

A'n'G Johnson said...

I wish I was close enough to kiss you on the nose.
you are adorable.

Anonymous said...

We did "good"!

Wan Family said...

I love the wreath. I may have to use your idea

koralee said...

What an adorable wreath my friend...may your day be magical. xoxoxo hugs

Lauren said...

lovely wreath! and i wish i had a christmas parade to go to!