Thursday, December 09, 2010

Holiday Business

This is our holiday photo from last year.
This year we are sending out a Valentine's Day card instead of a Christmas card.
I want you all to know that I love you and I wish you the happiest of holidays. 
But I found the perfect dress for a Valentine's Day card so that's the plan for this lucky year.
Would you like a Valentine's Day card from our little family?
If so, let me know. 
I'll put you on our list. 
In other news, Dan gave the last of his finals today and he is almost done with the grading. 
We have a month to spend together. 
I am so excited. 
We kicked off the festivities with a driving tour through our little towns historical neighborhood. 
It was magical.
What are you doing to wish in this holiday season?

love love,
Fritzi Marie


Anonymous said...

Cutest Christmas card ever! Love it. And I love the idea of sending cards at another holiday. Im too busy to bother with cards at Christmas, maybe I should consider them for 4th of July. :)

Chrissy said...

What a cute picture of the three of you!!!
I'd love a Valentine's card (but only if I get to send you a card, too!!!!!)!
I will email you my address (you do the same, Sweetie)!
Have an awesome weekend!
Hugs xxx

Melissa said...

I'm sure you already know that Julia Child and her husband sent Valentine's Day cards...they were wonderful!

Kitty said...

Dear Melissa,

If only I could get Bono Baby and Daniel to have a photo shoot with me in a bubble bath. That would be the cutest.

love love,

lindsey said...

i love the idea of a bubble bath shoot! and yes, you know to already sign me up for the valentine's day card. as for wishing in the season, mark has joined a barbershop quartet and they are going to be caroling next week. i've been trying to get him to join one for YEARS...why is it when someone else suggested it, he jumped on it immediately?!!! happy friday wishes beautiful lady. off to plan our carless weekend. wish me luck!


Laura Bear said...

I just love that picture!!
It is my favorite time of year to drive around and look at the houses. So I think tonight we will do that to see all the pretty lights!

Stitchybritt said...

Perhaps a side note but... damn they are nice shoes!

Kitty said...

Dear Stitchybritt,

Thank you so much for noticing my shoes. I saved up forever for them. I think they are beautiful too.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

Kristen said...

Such a darling photo. I am waiting on the minis Santa pics so our cards will be out hopefully next week. I am odd I know, but I really enjoy doing them! Tree lit, some hot cocoa, The Holiday on and me writing cards. Perfect!