Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spectacles, Tall Ice Cream Cones, and The Ickies

Our Bono Baby has had the ickies all week. 
So he has been taking it easy and today he seems to be feeling better.
Daniel took us to Five Guys for some treats
(Bono and I have concluded that In-N-Out  makes the best grilled cheese).
But we were thankful just the same.
Bono also went to his favorite puppy store to pick out a new toy.
He carried it to the cash register and everything.
That means things are looking up!

He wasn't too happy with us when we came home from our trip to Georgia (it's only 20 minutes away) with new glasses. 
This is Daniel's first pair of glasses.
I think he looks HOT!
Hello, Dr. Morris, will you edit my blog please?

We also went to the dentist and he was the cutest.
He told us about Mrs. Story's Dairy Bar.
(Our new favorite treat shop)
When he was little he would go to Mrs. Story's to pay 25 cents for a huge ice cream cone. 
Daniel paid $1.69 for mine yesterday.
My dentist prescribed it and it was so worth it. 

We are thankful for insurance this week.
We have been so worried about the Bono Baby and we are super happy that he is on the mend. 

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends.
I hope you have a very special day filled with friends and family.
We will be thinking of you all.

love love,
Fritzi Marie


Chrissy said...

So glad Bono Baby is doing better! I just hate it when the puppy or the kitty aren't feeling well!
Love the pic with the glasses! They look good on both of your men! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I am grateful to have found you Sweetie!

Hugs xxx

Lauren said...

Glad he's feeling better!!

And I like the glasses on both of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Phoenix Peacock said...

the three of you all wear glasses so well

Janey said...

I burst out laughing when i saw your bono baby in his glasses. So cute. I think you all look hot! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Mulberry Girl said...

I don't need glasses but this makes me want them - they look so cool. Maybe I should get a fake pair? No one will know....

Glad Bono Baby is on the mend. We are back and forth today to the hospital for my daddy. I spent the morning at the ER and then at their home cleaning things up. Going back to the hospital soon. Not quite the Thanksgiving we were hoping for but it has given me a grateful heart for those who work on holidays. (911 operators, paramedics, etc)

Melanie's Randomness said...

awww poor Bono Baby!! I love Five Guys! Nifty glasses!! =)

Melanie's Randomness

yours truly dear said...

aww poor little puppy, give him some extra kisses :] and i LOVE 5 guys!! deeeelish!

Amy said...

Lovin' the specs! Your Daddy was the first thing I thought of when I saw your new glasses.