Thursday, November 25, 2010

Poetry Thursday

Alabama Kitty

The Girl at Pike Place Market, Seattle

I thought that if I could ask her
the price of artichokes
it would be sealed: she would want
to know everything about me.
It wasn't just black dreadlocks
or olive skin that made me want
to stare every time I passed her
produce stand.  When she reached
for that cabbage, exposing tender black
hair, I knew I could love her.
Three years she peddled
vegetables amidst belt booths,
bunches of flowers, flying fish, and every time
I walked that arcade, she
was what truly bloomed. 

Dan Morris

(Poetry inspired photography based on Daniel's chapbook, Following The Day.)


Chrissy said...

Aww, Kitty, this is beautiful!

Happy Thanksgiving (I know you already had an early Thanksgiving, but, anyway)!!!

Hugs xxx

Amy said...

I found your blog through Lindsey and it's a delight! I'm very much enjoying the photos, the writing and your husbands poetry!

I'll be back often.


lindsey said...

love love love your photo this week. and i do believe this is my absolute favorite poem from dan's chapbook. i'm ready for another one! believe it or not, i'm still in my jammies. and i even forgot to post yesterday. sending you all kinds of friday love - hope the past few days have been magical as well!


Lauren said...