Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poetry Thursday

Alabama Kat

Fort Casey, With Guns
After Richard Hugo's Fort Casey, Without Guns

Where bits of tide are left behind
a heron steps through.

A solitary mule deer flips its tail and eats
December grass still shorn
regimental short in the midst
of still white barracks.

The two big guns
here now were brothers
of the ones that watched the waves for
fifty years.  None of them ever fired
an angry shot on the sround.

Over fifty years vacant.  The walls of the fort
are still turning grayer.  Doors are now
either welded open or shut
so no one can hear them slam
like heart attacks.  But all
are painted as black as the rooms they guard. 
Most of this fort is sealed to reduce
the fun, if roaming concrete cavities
left to rot is a type of fun.  Bang
on the hard painted steel and hear the echo
of emptiness, uselessness.  The challenge
is to get as far back from daylight as you can,
to forget that you're only a person

-Dan Morris

(Poetry inspired photography based on Daniel's chapbook, Following The Day.)

Happy Veterans Day Dear Friends


lindsey said...

why is it your post comes across much cooler than mine?!!! i love your photo for this week. i struggled with mine. however, considering it's veteran's day, i think this poem was perfect!


Kitty said...

Dearest Lindsey,

I LOVE your photo this week. It is so perfect and super cool. This week was a really hard one but oh, my it sure went with Veterens Day for sure. Love that.

love love love,

Chrissy said...

Oh, I love it Kitty!

Hope your day is good!!