Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Little Secret and A Giveaway

It is windy and rainy here today.
Bono Baby and I are cuddled up in the house working on shop business.
We've been re-watching Twin Peaks and this scene makes me so so so so happy.
I'm gifting myself some sparkle water in one of my favorite tea cups.
Bono Baby is gifting himself a mid afternoon nap.

A little while back I gifted myself The Black Apple's Paper Doll Primer book.
It is one of my favorite little presents to myself this year.
So perfect for gift giving.
So, I want to give you one. 
To enter, make sure you are a follower, and leave a comment telling me what your favorite daily gift to yourself is. 
Tell your friends about the giveaway on facebook or your blog and you'll get a second entry. 
Let me know if you do, of course.

Isn't Emily Martin the cutest?

Happy Tuesday Dearies.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. Bono Baby will pick a winner next Monday (December 6th) night.


Unknown said...

my favorite gift to myself is a few minutes to crochet a little of this or that... it helps me think...

Unknown said...

I also told book face friends about this give away... may i have another entry in the hat? i really want this!! <3

Kelly said...

Mine is a few extra minutes under a piping hot shower. Puts me right to sleep after.

Molly said...

Pressing snooze on the alarm is a treat that starts the day off just right. That extra ten minutes in bed is always such a cozy way to welcome the day.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I hope you win Taza's give away too!!

Chrissy said...

My favorite gift to myself is some ME-time every now and then!

OMG - I love me some Twin Peaks!!

A'n'G Johnson said...

such a cute scene!
so of course I am a follower of yours dearie.
and I would love that little primer.
I'm not sure that I have the same gift each day. I enjoy the little things, and stopping to enjoy the scenery or people watch are usually little joys each day. I also get a little gift from my hubby most mornings when he makes me a "start me up" or as you might call it, a latte.
today a gift to both myself and my babies was an extra long walk. So long I can hardly stand right now! I took my camera and really enjoyed it. and now the dogs are so tired they will leave me be for a bit while I blog hop!

MeeshOne.Love said...

cute! i love twin peaks!! we just watched all of it for the first time last winter...it totally reminds us of life up here. haha!
i treat myself to at least 40 minutes of yoga each and every day.

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Oohh, a paper doll book! One of my future dreams for myself! haha.
My favorite gift to give myself every day is a long walk. I like to explore new streets but there's something comforting about the same old route, as well. A walk make me ready for the whole rest of my day.
Thank you for the beautiful giveaway, Kat!

Faiza said...

you are adorable and i love this question!

a gift i give myself at the end of everyday is writing a list of things i am grateful for. there are many days when i can't wait until the end of the day!

Kristen said...

I've never seen Twin Peaks. Is that bad? My gift to myself has an acronym: GIMSMNW Can you guess what that is?
Ok - Grande Iced Mocha Skim Milk No Whip

Although it's not daily anymore. Another gift to me is watching a little 30Rock before I go to sleep. Alec Baldwin makes me happy.

koralee said...

What a wonderful sweet giveaway...it is darling!

Oh I do treat myself everyday...today it was a piece of rich dark chocolate...tomorrow maybe it will be ???? xoxoxo

Lauren said...

Hmm. I think reading before bed. :)

Alyssa said...

oh wonderful question, its really making me think!

hmmm im stumped. im looking around my room trying to work it out.
umm plenty of cups of tea? always making time to email friends. i think thats my gift to me!

Rhianne said...

My favourite gift to myself is a can of diet coke at lunch - we've been trying to eat really well this year so I always enjoy it :)

Tamina listening said...

My favorite gift to myself is a few minutes in front of my sewing machine each day. It helps me feel productive, creative and settles my nerves.

eewingo (at) gmail (dot) com

letter A studio said...

My daily gift to myself is a little nap. Being a mother of four, it can sometimes be a necessity. A short daily snooze sure does wonders for me :)

Café Bouclé said...

Hello, pretty!
I took a look in your blog and I think it's really interesting: I love the pics that you propose, so, you have a new follower! ;)
I hope to see you on my page, too.
I would be very happy if we could follow each other!

Café Bouclé said...

Hello sweetie!
thank you for your visit, for your lovely comment and for following back.
I'm happy that now we follow each other.
See you soon in your FAB blog.

Micaela said...

you always make me so happy and make me smile!!! :)

my favorite daily gift to give myself is cuddle time with my puppies. There is NOTHING like their unconditional love or their puppy kisses to make my heart swell!

love love love,
Micaela xoxo

felicia said...

hmmm. i indulge myself nearly every day in one way or another. A piping hot cup of strong tea with milk and 2 sugars every morning...
but my most decadent treat is a treat from Starbucks! In fact...I had one today!

Jane said...

I love this Kat! How cool that it has a Tom Waits doll?!
My favorite daily gift to myself is to take a hot bath. The world just melts away and I can steep myself in warmth and dream away. I love my bath time. :-)

splendeurcaisse said...

My favorite daily gift to myself is being able to sit and crochet!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

a cup of coffee. ok. sometimes TWO cups of coffee.

what a great show of self-love to actually gift yourself something. maybe not so much my morning cuppas, but the book. hmmmm.....

lego said...

my gift to myself is to put my socks near the heater and have warm socks in the morning. :)

An Invisible Friend said...

Love your blog !

felicia said...

I facebooked you my dear!
I must admit that I indulged in an extra hot, extra long shower the other morning. It has been really cold in the mornings and I needed a good thaw!