Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Last week my Mommy and I were busy treasure hunting. 
We came home with a car full of goodies. 
These bowling trophies are one of my favorite things to find. 
I love that they are hand signed.
I'm thinking of making them into something very special.

I found two huge boxes of vintage children and ladies dress patterns. 
I can't wait to see what I can make with them. 

We also found a number of vintage dresses.
They are being washed and ironed today.
The beautiful Ashley of StarSparrow will be modeling them properly for you later this week. 

I love swans, but I only keep the black one's. 
The rest need to be sent out into the world, so says Fritzi.

I fell in love with this album cover. 
We also found some Disney records for our favorite Disney fan. 

I thought it was fitting that we found this plate while out shopping with my Mommy. 
She taught me everything I know about treasure hunting. 

These children's books just melt my heart. 
I am keeping Harry by the Sea.
Bono Baby likes it.

Vintage rub on decals for the shop. 

And finally a complete vintage Girl Scout uniform.
Oh, how cute Miss Ann S. Thomas must have been in this sweet little uniform. 

I do love treasure hunting.
I love to meet the people who are selling their treasures.
I love to hear about who they came from.
I like to imagine who they were and what they loved.
It makes me so happy.

Make A Wish!
Fritzi Marie


Kitty said...

p.s. I forgot to tell you about my very favorite finds from this past week. Silly me. I'll share them soon.

love love,

Jane said...

What great finds! I love the dress patterns and the books. I also love the album cover. I've been keeping my eye out for album covers ever since I saw this blog post on i made it so:
I think it would be a fun project!
How fun to go with your Mom treasure hunting. I love your earlier picture of you two together-- so beautiful, both of you.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohh such cute finds!! I love the album cover! I would buy a record frame for it & the swan is cute! The girl scout uniform is too cute!! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Kristen said...

Great finds! It's always fun treasure hunting with the right person. (With the wrong person it can be frustrating!)

I need some Etsy tips for my shop - would you mind stopping by and telling me what you think? Thanks Kat.


A'n'G Johnson said...

you must have been a pirate in a previous life because you certainly have an eye for spotting good treasures.
i love love the album cover
what fun!

Chrissy said...

Those are some great things you found! Lucky girl! Love the GS uniform!! How cute! And those bowling trophees! Great!

MySpecialAgent said...

I love the "Harry" books. One of my favorite fictional doggies. And I am jealous. I have been looking for a Girl Scout uniform (vintage or otherwise) forever. I'm thinking they don't have Girl Scouts in Texas.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh wow, those bowling trophies are so neat! my grandpa was on a blowling league, so whenever i see something having to do with bowling, it always makes me smile because i think of grandpa ;)

you seriously always find the neatest things!

Micaela said...

i agree with my girlfriend danielle--you are a thrifting goddess and i wish i could go thrifting with you! that plate... oh that plate, i love it! esp since i love apples but i love it that you got it while with your mom!


Unknown said...

You find the cutest stuff!

ana @ i made it so said...

followed you here from jane's blog. these are such lovely finds. oh harry, that book! i adore those illustrations.


Sam said...

What fabulous finds! You find awesome stuff. What I would love to know is what your mom taught you...do you have a method? Do you circle the shop first? I never ever have enough time to LOOK properly, it seems.

Grace@PoeticHome said...

Those bowling pins are ahhhhhhmazing!

Lauren said...

I love that album cover!

nadine paduart said...

the bowling trophies are impressive indeed, but i also LOVE the darling plate!