Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poetry Thursday

Alabama Kat

E. H. Hitch Farm House, Maryville, TN

It all continues to live.  Just slower. 
The new oak leaves mingle with old
each autumn and the breeze keeps the peace. 
One white siding, now grays
like an overcast afternoon.  The writing spider
in the cinder-block milk house
professes a guy named "M" will die.
It doesn't expect an eviction
anytime soon.  And the lightening bugs
at dusk, floating above the yard, 
like things on mobiles, waste 
their show on the empty porch 
that stares out beyond the barn and silo,
which now sprouts a hackberry tree, 
and the Smoky Mountains stare back.  

Dan Morris 

  (Poetry inspired photography based on Dan's chapbook, Following The Day)


lindsey said...

i haven't been sleeping well and so i left super early to go take the picture. i knew as soon as i saw this house that it was the one! the poem and the picture so remind me of my aunt ann's old house. my brothers and i were convinced it was haunted! i love how your leaves are just now beginning to change. ours are all off the trees. and i am so jealous that you and dan will get to see those smokey mountains staring back at you soon!


Unknown said...

nice poem..