Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Poetry Thursday

Alabama Kitty

New York Lindsey
Fading Spokane

Consider dusk
as it creeps in along
grooved streets between buildings;
sun so low and far behind those
western hills.  Filth coated alleys
give in to encroaching dark.
Sounds of trains start to mean.
But cars move as if it were daylight, as if
it were not time to vacate a downtown
half alive even when full.
Everything is turning grayer. 
And like a life, when he is 80 and remembering
the lows of his existence,
all he can do is repent. 

Dan Morris

(Poetry inspired photography based on Dan's chapbook, Following The Day)

I must add that everytime I read this poem I think of one of my very favorite songs.
Please, go listen to it after you read Dan's poem. 


lindsey said...

okay, i've watched it twice now and had my emotional cry for the morning. what can i say - i'm a sucker for johnny cash! i LOVED this week's poem.


Birdie said...

Thanks for following my blog! I love finding new ones to follow as well, and yours rocks! I love flea markets and vintage everything!