Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poetry Thursday

Alabama Kitty

New York Lindsey

Scuba Diving off Alki Beach

Even in this wet suit I can feel
the cold of the sound.
At the surface, this piling
seemed only a mooring point for that sail boat.
Here descending to 35', it gives purpose
to the anemones loitering
its length, being passive the way they only can. 
Verticle flower patch brushed
by an aquatic breeze.  White and orange blossoms neighbors
to spider crabs, starfish and perch.  They all are aware,
though only slightly curious of us and our gascous
exhaust.  This gentle fall to the remains
of bivalves, fish and the billions of grains lost
to waves.  Kneeling on this detritus and lost
terrestrial ground, looking off
into green watching cabezon and lingcod fade in and out,
the wind of my regulator is all I hear.  Everything so indifferent,
like standing at 1st and Pine at noon on a Friday.  Everyone knows
their space and acts like they're not afraid.

Dan Morris

(Poetry inspired photography based on Dan's chapbook, Following The Day)


lindsey said...

i LOVE how your brain works. this is one of my favorite photographs!
sending you happy thursday wishes.


A'n'G Johnson said...

its funny what images we connect to words, and how quickly too

Ashley / StarSparrow said...

I love how the picture turned out Kitty! Great Job :)