Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Moon Laughs And Whispers

The trick-or-treaters are doing their thing a bit early this year. 
We spent the evening handing out candy to the little gang of children in our neighborhood. 
One of the parents filled up his trailer with hay bales and rode the kids around. 
It was too cute. 
We splurged and gave out regular sized candy bars this year. 
I think they were a hit.
We haven't had this many trick-or-treaters in years. 

Dan and Will have been busy putting the finishing touches on the Fall 2010 issue of Town Creek Poetry
They picked one of my photo's for the cover. 
I feel so special. 

Happy Halloween Weekend, Dear Friends

love love,
Fritzi Marie


Anonymous said...

hip hip hooray! happy halloween~
sounds like it was a hooot. miss ya :) yur kat ears are cute. dan thats quite a sinister smirk :k)

love ya'll! (bono too)

ps. i broke up w the bf :(

Kitty said...

Oh, no...

Who wrote this?

I have a few ideas but I need to know who to worry about. Break ups SUCK!

love love,

Jill said...

What a fantastic picture of the three of you! You look so cute in your kitty ears and I love how you're eyes are all lit up. :) Congrats on the publication and the gorgeous cover photo. You inspire me!

Kristen said...

That picture is the cat's meow!! (get it??!!) Trick or treating already? I need two more days!! I love the guy driving the kids around, how FUN is that??!! I love it!!

Retro Plants said...

Happy Halloween Kitty!!!
you two are just adorable!

FULL SIZE candy bars!?!
ya. . . i bet that MADE the kids Halloween. . . i know it sure did when i was a tike :)

Wan Family said...

Beware, you are going to get a reputation and next year there will be a mob of kids at your house. Your photo is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that your photo is on the cover! I also just wanted to say that you look so cute in your blog header. :)


Claire Nouveau said...

happy halloween kat! love the ears! congrats on your photo being ARE special! :)

Anonymous said...

You both are so talented.......I feel special to be part of all this talent and adventure. Love, Mommee