Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Kitty Secret

We all need a little Bettie Page goodness to usher in this time of year. 
I have a secret...I love being nosey and seeing how other people decorate and live in their space. 
It is one of my favorite things about going to parties and estate sales. 
Do you look at the Pottery Barn catalog just to see what books and trickets are tucked away in the bookshelves?

Well, my dear friend Kristen did a little show and tell about her Halloween decorating.
She goes all out!
I started decorating for Halloween last night. 
Dan was busy grading and Bono Baby and I worked our magic.

We like to keep things simple with little dashes of festivity sprinkled here and there.

A friend gave us this little hootie owl. 
We plan to light it on Halloween night.

This is the first neighborhood we have lived in where there are gangs and gangs of children.
Seriously they are like gangs, running wild.
But we can't wait to give them candy on Halloween night. 
I'll be dressed up in my Kitty ears. 
Bono will wear his spider web jammies.
Dan will be Dan in a plaid flannel shirt, I imagine.

We have been collecting real pumpkins for Dan's yummy pumpkin soup.
I can't wait!
I love these little sparklie pumpkins. 
They remind me of Cinderella. 
I'm a sucker for anything with glitter or sparkle.
Especially pumpkins. 

Have you started decorating?

love love,
Fritzi Marie


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i also LOVE seeing how other people decorate, and sometimes i just get to see a little peek at their house and want more, more more!

that is the cutest little kid in a kitty costume in the picture near the end!

Kristen said...

You will have fun looking at the fall party I linked up many fun homes with simple and over the top decorations! I love the sparklie pumpkins. I didn't do hardly anything last year since everything was in storage. I was excited to get everything out again - I think that may be why I over did it! :) Laughing at the "gangs" of children. Are there adult watching them or are they like wild dogs in the neighborhood?

lindsey said...

o my not get me started on my version of pumpkin soup. suffice it to say, i will NEVER EVER EVER live it down (translation = send me dan's version). i am in the process of decorating. will post pictures soon! i love wearing ears!


Faiza said...

i'd totally creep your bookshelf!

sue said...

I love Halloween decorations - it isn't a huge celebration here in Oz but each year there are more decos in the shops and more people joining the fun. No trick or treaters though! I think you will look splendid in kitty kat ears - do you have tail too?!

Unknown said...

right now we have mostly the fall decor out... im the one that likes doing it... ill have to post some pics to show you... <3

Micaela said...

i love the little cat woman!
i agree with danielle-- i love seeing people's decor! it tells so much about them doesn't it?

i so wish i was one of those that went all out on holidays.

christmas yes, but halloween is so much fun! we decorated at work and i love it. it makes you happier doesn't it? :)

i will miss passing out candy to the neighborhood children with my momma-- it's our favorite thing to do! :) i dislike being so far away from home very much.

love love xo

A'n'G Johnson said...

sparkle and glitter? YES PLEASE!