Friday, October 08, 2010

I Knew He Was The One When I Saw His Fluevogs

I bought my first pair of John Fluevog shoes in the 10th grade.
I saved my babysitting money and ordered up a pair from their mail order catalogue.
I paid the mailman COD.
When I met my Daniel and looked down at his Fluevogs, I knew he was the man for me.
My things to look for in a man were his nose, his hands, his style, and his shoes. 
This video shows just how special these shoes are. 
FlueBlog – Watch the production of a Fluevog Miracle!
We may not have a hundred pairs of shoes but we do have shoes that last a long time.
Fluevogs make me happy. 
If I could pick a pair from their shop right now, I would pick The Miracle Lanciano's
Which pair would you pick? 

Don't you just love "lookie-lou wish" shopping? 

Happy Weekend Dear Friends.

love love,

p.s. Do you recognize anything here


Anonymous said...

I like the Kerouacs in brown.

Kristen said...

Could you please tell me how you pronounce this? I think I say Flay-vogs and it should be otherwise.

Kristen said...

I'm thinking the Body Part pump for dress up and the Earl of Warwick Wessex for not. I would feel like a bad a wearing those.

Love that your cute tootsies are up on their site. I knew those patriotic stockings in a heartbeat!

I have GOT to go to bed!!!

Kt said...

Amazing shoes, I've never heard of them before. I loved the video of the shoe being made. What a fantastic process to watch!

felicia said...

I'd never heard of this make either. But how fun! I luuuurve the Molly Johnsons in brown and pink.
I do love a nice shoe!

lindsey said...

i really should be looking at their boots but with shoes like munster, pilgrim and promise - i'm lost! forget saving pennies, i need to be thinking quarters. loved your flueshots!!!


BonnyBadger said...

OMG are these the best shoes in the world??? I'm off to investigate on the net.