Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Mail From MY Queen of Treasure Hunting

My Mommy is MY Queen of treasure hunting.  I feel that I learned from the best. 
She is always on the hunt for pretties for her three daughters. 
We all have very different styles, which I think makes it more fun and easy for her. 
She found this adorable set of swimsuit coasters.
This one is my favorite. 
She told me about her senior trip to Florida where she wore one that was similar.
My Mommy didn't have her own swimsuit to take on the trip. 
So my Aunt Carol borrowed one from a friend and it was a bit out of style (at the time). 
She wished she could have had one like all the other girls. 
But, I'm sure she looked HOT in that suit. 

These crocheted undies just melt my heart. 

I love entertaining and this little book is full of tid bits of propriety.
Plus it is called The Sweet Nellie Book of...
My Grandma's name was Nellie, how sweet. 

This kitty pencil box is my new favorite treasure. 
I love those kitties. 

To top it off, my dear Mommy sent these place mats. 
They hold so much sentiment with me. 
My baby blanket was made out of the same green and white gingham and my baby rocker was blue with white polka dots. 

Mommy, you have some mad skills.
  Thank you for teaching me everything I know.
I love you,
Fritzi Marie


Melanie's Randomness said...

I love finding lil treasures out in the world. Aww that's cute that your mom finds stuff for you & your sisters. I love the costers & the kitty pencil box!!

lindsey said...

i love your mom's taste! love love love the coasters and pencil box.


Alyssa said...

Wow thats a mega happy mail parcel!!!

Faiza said...

i love that we never grow out of our moms. i get to spend the weekend at my mom and dad's place this weekend and can't wait for her hugs!

Micaela said...

mad skills indeed!

i'm dying over the crocheted undies!!! they melt my heart too.

and i just KNOW she looked HOT in that suit too ;)