Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flea Market Finds

This week treasures include these sweet baby shoes. 
They are going in our hope chest. 
My Mommy suggested that we hang them over our bed.
I guess that is what my Daddy did before I came along. 

You all know that I love a good collar.
This dress will be perfect for the Alabama summertime.

This frame may not look like much with this hummingbird print but it will be fabulous very soon.
The fleur de lis brass hook is for Bono Baby's leash.

I had to have this pitcher even though I have one too many glass pitchers already.
But the mushrooms and polka dots were shouting my name. 
This mug is for Dad Morris.  He is the World's Greatest Father-In-Law to me.

My last little piece of treasure is for my sister Annie.
One of my fondest memories with Annie is watching Shag over and over.
Oh, how I hope and wish we can go to Myrtle Beach together someday.

love love,


lindsey said...

it's funny - myrtle beach is where EVERYONE from around here vacations! that pitcher is too cute. it would have been calling my name, as well. sending you all kinds of wednesday love.


Retro Plants said...

i love it all.
especially those tiny shoes!
nothing like tiny sized stuff :)
and that gnome!!!
i love him :)

Kitty said...

Sad News...

I just went to fill my new mushroom pitcher up with some Crystal Light...grape Crystal Light. The bottom half of the pitcher broke off and I had GRAPE Crystal Light spill all over my kitchen. The down side to treasure hunting. Boo! Hoo!


Anonymous said...

Let's go sister! Sh-a-a-a-a-g!
I do love that movie!


felicia said...

i love the film too! and have spent more than enough time in myrtle beach to know that it's nothing like in the film! it's the Redneck Riviera!

hanner said...

shag! i LOVE that movie. there is someone in the monrovia ward whose uncle choreographed it.

Suzanne Edwards said...

I Love the baby shoes! They are absolutely adorable! You should follow your daddy's actions and hang them like a mobile above your bed! Then you can make a wish everynight before the lights go out and maybe a certin wish will come true! Thank you for always sharing, Suzanne
P.S. White daisy;s in the pitcher would be beautiful!

Jane said...

That mushroom pitcher is adorable-- and don't even get me started on the baby shoes-- they are just too precious. And how sweet your Dad hung baby shoes on the wall before you came into the world. Love it all!

Micaela said...

what amazing finds!!! i love love love the idea of putting the baby shoes over your bed and having a hope chest. you're going to make a beautiful mom one day! (you already are to baby Bono!) i LOVE that mug for Dad Morris. Precious.

i know what you mean about having one too many glass pitchers (i'm the same about mugs!) but you can't deny when they are calling your name ;)

i always love your vintage finds! they're beautiful and "so you."

one day we need to go thrifting!

love you,
Micaela xo