Monday, October 04, 2010

Feel Like Going Home

We took a our quick trip to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 
It took us six hours to drive there but oh my, was it worth it. 
We visited with some of our favorite people.  
Friends that we have missed so very much.

Dear April drove down from Lafayette, Louisiana to meet up with us.
It was so nice to have some girl time.
It was a perfect day and I left feeling so loved.

We visited our old home.
The welcome mat that I ordered from Crate & Barrel four years ago, was still sitting on the stoop.
The home looked lonely (I don't think anyone else has moved into it). 
The birds nests that we peeked at in our front yard were still there.
I've been thinking about what HOME is. 
My home is where ever I am with my Daniel. 
Whether it be in California, Mississippi, Washington, or Alabama.
My friends and family are home. 
I feel so lucky.

love love,


lindsey said...

it's so weird to go home! i remember the first time we came back. they had a couch on our front porch! i wish i had taken my plant - so, i totally get the lonely! love your bangs and all the mississippi photos!!!


Kristen said...

So true, so true! You look darling.

diane said...

i love is beautiful + true!

one of our wedding vows:

may we find a home everywhere on earth where we are together.


koralee said...

True do look amazing. xoxo

A'n'G Johnson said...

very true. my home is in my hubby's arms.
and I'm loving the hair - it reminds me that my bangs need a trim!

Faiza said...

i agree. home for me is not a physical place either. it's where my familly is and how lucky am i to be able to sy that?

Anonymous said...



Wan Family said...

Kat, your hair looks great! I am glad that you got to go visit old friends, and don't forget us in Washington!