Monday, October 25, 2010

"You Gotta Move"

Dear Friends,

How was your weekend? 
We spent our weekend with friends. 
Don't you think that is the very best way to spend a weekend? 
We watched a snippet of our very first Auburn game, we scooped out pumpkin goo and carved fancy cats into pumpkins, we ate Mexican food (hooray for guacamole) and we were invited to a lovely Sunday dinner with all the trimmings. 
We also started getting our camping gear ready for the big outing to the Smokies.
Bono Baby played in the tent while it was airing out. 
I think he is looking forward to camping out for the very first time.
I've been thinking a lot about hostess gifts lately. 
What do you usually do for a hostess gift? 
I've been having so much fun making fall themed gifts. 
My favorite find is a Mexican pumpkin scented candle.

I hope your Monday is full of fall goodness.
Is anyone else craving a hand full of candy corn?

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. We are trading in our Washington license's for Alabama one's today.
I'm a little bit sad about that. 


Unknown said...

Nice blog you have here..
Hope we can be true friend..
First I will be your follower..
Then we can share news..

Kristen said...

I love a good hostess gift! In the summer I like to give sparkling lemonade (I get the organic kind at CostCo and keep some on hand for last minute gifts) I like to give homemade syrups and jams also.

I think it's the right thing to do to show up with a gift if you've been invited somewhere. It hopefully will get you another invitation back someday!

Unknown said...

I like to give a little loaf of zucchini or banana bread. :) You can bake a few and freeze them, so you have them on hand.

I wish it was warm enough here to do a little fall camping! :)

Kitty said...

Kristen Dear,

It is just the "right" thing to do. Plus, it is so fun to put together. Have you tried the sparkling lemonade from Cost Plus/World Market? It is so good!
I wish I could come over and bring you a little something.

love love,

Kitty said...


I wish we could all go camping together. I regret that we weren't able to go up to Roslyn to see a movie.


lindsey said...

at least you are turning your stuff in BEFORE the cop stops and tickets you. i still haven't told mark!!!!! i like to give music cd's and candles as hostess gifts. off to find some candy corn. i LOVE your photo!


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend! Do they let you keep your old licenses just to have them? I hope so.

Micaela said...

your weekend sounded magical! it's been so long since i've been camping (or had yummy guacamole-- what's wrong with me!? ha)

the hostess gift you gave sounds PERFECT! i bet it smells delish!!! i always say you can't go wrong with candles.

i understand your p.s.
we hung our TX licensee in our kitchen because i was so sad about it too.