Thursday, September 23, 2010

To the Girl with the Hair at the Club Bar, Troy, MT

Alabama Kitty
To The Girl with the Hair at the
Club Bar, Troy, MT

You must come here every night
looking for something.
Every night larch burns black in the stove.
The black dog in need of a bath lying down
halfway between the beautiful bar and the door
and the old man, who tries to buy you a drink
each night you see him (every
night), steps over the dog on his way
to his nightly descent.
How you wish the train, raging down
the track on the other side of Yaak Avenue
through the dark, would bring more than
diesel smell and naive hope.  Its horn fading
in the hills, like paint fading on this shell
of a bar.  Walking seven blocks home
after four Guinness and three games of pool
the stars couldn't be any brighter.

-Dan Morris

My beautiful friend Lindsey and I have been planning on doing a poetry inspired photography blog for a long long while. 
We have decided to dedicate
Thursdays to Poetry on our blogs. 
We will start out with my dear husband's chapbook, Following the Day.
We hope you enjoy our new adventure.

To explain, we will be posting a poem and our photographs that were inspired by that poem.
I love how the photo's are turning out. 

Lindsey, I am so happy that we are doing this.
love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. If you would like to get one of Dan's chapbooks, we have a few left in our shop.


lindsey said...

i cannot wait to see where all his poetry takes us! i am over the moon happy we are finally getting started. this is one of my favorites. and i love how very different our photos are. a big thank you to dan for being our muse! happy thursday wishes.


heather yalin said...

Love this project and seeing what different shots come from the poem (which I also thoroughly enjoyed!)

Sam said...

So much fun! I found you through Lindsey (or you found me? something like that) and HOORAY for great poetry and awesome photos.

Micaela said...

Oh my goodness, i love his poetry!!! love it.

and am excited about this next installment at fritzie marie... one of my favorite corners of the internet.

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