Thursday, September 23, 2010

"There Are Always Two People In Every Picture: The Photographer And The Viewer." -Ansel Adams

Katrina of Pugly Pixel inspired me to get my camera's out for a photo.
My collection is small but they mean so much to me. 
You see, I inherited my Canon from my Daddy.
The Polaroids have been with me on many road trips.
And my Diana was a gift from a dear friend. 

Dan and I both have digital camera's that we carry with us.
You just never know where your next adventure may take you.
Every good adventure needs to be documented with a photo, don't you think?
I am saving my pennies for my dream DSLR camera.
I can't wait to get my hands on one. 

Do any of you collect camera's too? 

Fritzi Marie


Rhianne said...

what a lovely collection, I love that they all mean something to you, the folding polaroid is beautiful!

I'm feeling inspired by Katrina as well :)

heather said...

what a happy quote and collections of cameras you have, especially the stories behind each one! happy weekend to you!

Mandy said...

I wish I had at least one cool vintage one like you!
I have a little Sony cybershot that is only a couple years old, it is a nice model although it does have lots of dings, scratches, and memories <3 It is my "safe camera" that I take with me everyware.
Then I have my newer Nikon L100 that is the nicer one for more special occasions, It is simple enough to work yet cluncky and more "pro" than the little sony.
I also had a Cannon Rebel but I recently gave to to my boyfriend because I dont know how to work those fancy things, I tryed but I just dont get it! He uses it for work and was so excited to recieve it so better it be in use for beautiful pictures than sitting idol :)

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely collection. :)

I posted mine too.

Anonymous said...

i collect cammeras i have like 20 now. i have one of the first poloroid cameras ever ill have to show you sometime

Anonymous said...

you've got a lovely collection of cameras, Kat -- i think we may have the same land camera polaroid. :)