Friday, September 17, 2010

"Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication." Leonardo Da Vinci

Daniel made his collage hanger last night.
It is simple and so him. 
Dan teaches English and writes poetry.
He also collects vintage typewriters.
His hanger collage is the inspiration for the next installment of our giveaway care package. 

When we first moved here (a month ago) my parents were with us.
Dan went to work and my Mommy and I went exploring.
We found Resurrect Antiques right away.
I felt like things would be okay here in Alabama when I realized that this shop existed down the street from my new home.

They have an amazing collection of vintage and salvaged goods.

Behind every corner is a new surprise.

They even make these amazing frames from salvaged wood. 
Oh, and you should see the goodies they have outside.
I'll share that with you later.

So in honor of Daniel and his simple hanger collage and my saving "retail" grace, Resurrect, the winning care package will include a mini hanger and a notebook. 
Daniel has this very same notebook next to his computer. 
Someone pretty gave it to him. 

I hope you are having fun making your collages and finding your pretties. 

Happy Weekend Wishes Dear Friends

p.s. You can sign up to be in on the giveaway goodness here.  


Anonymous said...

davinci quote + Danielle's hanger collage == perfection

lindsey said...

o my gosh! in love with his hanger. and wondering why we don't have such a perfect antiques hideaway.


Mamushka Marie said...

i've been brainstorming about my hanger collage all day! daniels is AWESOME.


Micaela said...

Daniel IS awesome! I just finished mine while watching some college football :) i was going to blog about it today and then figured it was best to save it for my "sharing sundays" post! :)

so excited for this!!!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Oh! I love your art project (which I found through Micaela) and Daniel's hanger is so cool!