Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poetry Thursday

 Alabama Kitty
Going West

How it is to know a road.
To almost feel down through
the rolling rubber to sun beaten
asphalt, compressed
by so many tires, seasoned
by deer and possum.  To Turn
up the ramp, merge, hit seventy
and all you can think about
is the hours of road.  Thirty miles
west of Spokane ponderosas give way
to grass hills and the horizon you know
isn't far from the Pacific.  At mile marker
201, like a mole on a green face, a barn, brown
with years.  Day is visible
between every single board.  A mile later, nothing
but earth, north and south and 200 miles
left to go. 

Dan Morris

(Poetry inspired photography based on Dan's chapbook, Following The Day)


lindsey said...

despite the fact new york and alabama have horrendous drivers who thought nothing of nearly running us both over, this week's poem reminded me of all the miles i put in between alfred and hattiesburg back when sam was in school. in LOVE with and totally jealous of your blue blue sky! i cannot wait for next week.


Kitty said...

Dear Lindsey,

Why don't drivers want to stop for pretty women who are out in the middle of the road? How rude!

love love,

lindsey said...

i agree! enjoy your weekend in hattiesburg. wish i was meeting you there.