Friday, September 03, 2010

Perch With StarSparrow

Today my new friend Ashley of StarSparrow and I met up at Perch Bead Shop & Design Studio to make jewelry and chit chat.
I feel so lucky to have met Ashley and I feel like she is a dear friend already. 
She is that special.

I was so impressed with how beautiful Perch is. 
Barbara (the owner) is amazing and so so so sweet and patient.

We spent some time picking out our beads and deciding what we we wanted to make. 
The possibilities were endless.

I finally settled on my beads and the beautiful Barbara walked me through the earring making process.
I had the most fun and I am loving my new earrings. 
I can't wait to go back and make more pretties. 

I had to display them properly when I returned home.
Daniel and Bono Baby were so impressed with my mad skills (thank you Barbara).
I didn't leave them out for display long, because Daniel took me to see the Drew Barrymore movie.
I love Drew.

I felt pretty classy in my new doodads.
I've never worn dangly earrings before so they are now designated as my sexy sexy ear doodads. 

Thank you Dear Ashley and Barbara
I had a lovely day.

I do hope that you have the best weekend. 
We have big plans to finish the unpacking. 
We packed in cases of Diet Coke to our country cottage so we won't have to go out. 
Wish us luck!

p.s. If you come visit, I'll take you to Perch to make some pretty jewelry. 
So fun.


Anonymous said...

Its so awesome to make new friends and especially new friends that you click with right away. Very cool!

What a lovely day you had. The earrings are beautiful!

I love Drew, too. :)

Ashley / StarSparrow said...

I had SO much fun on our girls day at Perch! Your earrings turned out so good, they are very sexy! You could totally dress them up or down too. Very versatile!
I already have a sketch for the next pair of earrings I want to make, and a bracelet!
I think we should go there once a month! :-D

Kristen said...

Poo pooo...reading this made me jealous and sad. Making jewelry AND Drew without me? It's all too much. :(

Anonymous said...

so fun omigosh! can't wait to come see you! `april

koralee said...

Sounds like a lovely store my friend..I love to make necklaces and love to spend time poking around the bead shop..I would love to visit Perch one to check out the link...thank you and happy long weekend. xoxoxo