Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oliver Twist Comes HOME

My Mommy and I found this beautiful blue secretary cabinet at a yard sale in Monrovia, California, a few years ago. 
I have been thinking/dreaming of ways to "make it mine" for a long while. 
I started collecting vintage wallpaper but an old copy of Oliver Twist seemed more appropriate. 
I felt guilty tearing the old book up.
My high school teacher gave me the weathered, cover less copy of Oliver Twist and I love that it reminds me of her. 
For now my teacups are sitting pretty with Oliver. 
I'm sure that will change in time. 
I am just so excited about making our new little Alabama home a HOME.
Daniel sent me a link to this song early this summer. 
I was too depressed to truly appreciate it then.
Now it means the world to me. 

p.s. I'm planning to have an open house party (here on our blog) in December, possibly January.
I'm waiting for our couch and chair to get reupholstered.
Would you like to come? 


Tiffany said...

I Would LOVE IT!! more than anything!!! <3

madison said...

That is such a great idea! And it looks so amazing with your teacups!!

Faiza said...

what a wonderful idea! would you mind sharing how you did that?

i'll be at the open house!

Ashley / StarSparrow said...

I would LOVE to come!! However, I think I should attend in person, and we can get all prettied up and sip tea while we blog.

Felicia Woodhouse said...

i wanna come!!!!!! i can't wait to see it all! am i allowed to be as nosey as i like???
you know, not like looking in the bedside drawers or anything....;)

lindsey said...

count me in! those yellow tea cups are calling my name. lovely. and oliver twist makes the perfect background.


heather yalin said...

I would love to come! And I LOVE that you covered this isn oliver twist! SO perfect. I've been sending packages wrapped in old encyclopedia pages. Such a story about how I got the hold of these (semi.burned) books... that were infested with earwigs and Patagonian weather... Well for another time :)